Sunday, 1 February 2015

Qwertee - The Final Mock Up

After trying two different coloured backgrounds, I decided to submit this mock up t-shirt design for Qwertee:

I am glad I chose the lighter shaded background, because despite it blending in with one of the colours, it still makes the whole image look brighter and looks more like the rest of the ocean compared to the darker colour.

I this this design works well on a T-shirt, compared to another form such as a poster, because of the quirky style and lack of text making it fan art rather than an advert.

After 15 hours of being published on the website and available for voting, it has received 77 votes so far! This proves that Stitch is a popular character and the unusual waves composed together in this way make it an interesting image that at least 77 people want on a T-shirt!

I will overlook how well this image does over the next few days before starting on my next image; I want to use this style again but with a different character or TV show as the main focus as I believe this layout has worked really well.

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