Saturday, 31 January 2015

Qwertee - Initial Mockups

My final Stitch t-shirt design is almost ready to be submitted to Qwertee! I created a couple of mock up layouts with my design on a t-shirt and the background image, to show how it would appear on the website.

Qwertee provide you with a downloadable mock up kit with all the possible different coloured T-shirts they use, potential backgrounds for your T-shirt to be shown on, and the opportunity for you to put your creative spin on your design.

The default image on the mock up kit
After you have read through the guidelines appearing on the default image - seeing the guidelines where your image can be placed on the shirt - you can hide or delete the writing and put your design and background (if you wish) onto the Photoshop file.

Once I understood this, I uploaded my image onto this file, changed the colour of the T-shirt and moved it to the right hand side. I did this so I could fit a close up of my image in the background so that viewers can see a detailed version of the image. My main problem was deciding what colour to have my background; I knew I wanted to have it a shade of blue so the image doesn't look too different from the T-shirt, so I picked 2 shades from the T-shirt and tried them both out:

The lighter blue gives the image a brighter impression, but the darker blue allows you to see every colour more clearly. Despite this the darker blue is a much similar shade to the T-shirt, so it doesn't stand out as much as they are too similar. It's because of this I decided to use the lighter shade, the most important aspects of the image are the detailed version and seeing the T-shirt in a full layout; as long as both are visible and the T-shirt looks good then I am happy with the image.

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