Friday, 20 February 2015

My Final Idea

In my documentary I have decided I would like to visually communicate the process of shipping food overseas to supermarkets in the UK, comparing it to local farmers markets and showing how the markets are so much better for our carbon footprint, our health and love of fresh food.

There are a lot of ways I could take this idea - there are so many different types of food that has a different process and packaging; but I thought narrowing it down to gathering meat from around the world would be best, because I believe this has the biggest impact on audiences due to the meat previously being living creatures, which a lot of people feel passionately about and inaccurately describe how it's made/shipped. 
I can include other foods in the backgrounds, such as fruit and veg, to show that it's not just meat that they store for lengthy periods of time.

I can show facts in various ways, such as being formed from clouds, paved on roads, stamped on stickers/boxes etc.

I wrote this script for my classmate Cara Lambert to put into a storyboard for me, with a couple of images to try and demonstrate what I mean:

"Title lasting 4 seconds - set in the sky with the title of the documentary written there, to then pan down to the first scene.

First scene set on a farm with an outdoor pen for sheep - crop fields, farmers building, tractor etc. (New Zealand flag next to building?)
A truck full of sheep the main focus on the screen - The farmer has just finished loading them onto the truck (animation of him shutting the door of the truck) for it to drive off to the bottom right corner.

Cuts to a side view of the truck driving, seeing the sheep poking their heads between the wooden cracks. Drives along for _ seconds (fact on side of truck) - *the camera could move slowly along the side of the truck as it goes out of the screen to the right, to show the carbon emissions coming out of the funnel (could form a percentage?)

As the truck drives through a factory door, the camera zooms/pans out to view the food factory. The camera cuts to inside the factory with a view of conveyer belts in a row, moving boxes with various different animals/fruits and veg’s in - each box has an animal sticker on it to show what it is (and a fact about it). The boxes reach the end of the conveyer belt, out of holes in the wall and onto carts.

Cuts to cart reaching a harbour (long shot to see the whole scene) where a cargo ship is ready to go (NZ flag here?) Cuts to a close up of the ship as the cart drives onto it with the lamb, drives back off it empty.

Starts zooming out to see a series of boats lined up at the harbour with different country flags on (the original one the food we followed has a UK flag) - the camera zooms out further until eventually you see a map of the world, with different arrows representing each boat going to a different country (different colours?) (infographic type thing)

Once the boat reaches the UK, the camera zooms back in until the boat is in full view - you can see a couple of people waiting at the harbour for the cargo. The camera cuts to give the impression it’s inside a truck - looking towards the back door where boxes are being loaded in, you see a man lifting a box onto the floor and then shutting the truck door.

As the scene goes black for 2 seconds, it then cuts again to a view of a warehouse where all supermarket food is stored (could have a supermarket name at the entrance - e.g. ‘Tesco’s warehouse’) to see the truck driving towards it from the bottom left corner - cuts to inside the room where a cargo truck is transporting a few boxes (with the lambs in). Once they are put down, a calendar or clock with fade in/out flicking through to show that time has passed (state how long it’s being stored for).


Next scene shows a couple of hands grabbing a box, which he lifts - then cuts to a hand putting a packet of meat onto a supermarket aisle - the camera moves to the right slightly to show ‘British meat’.

Another hand appears, hovers over the imported meat, but ultimately picks up the British meat.

The camera cuts to a long shot of the entrance/exit of the supermarket (camera facing outside the shop) to see them walking out of the store; camera stays in the same position - as the customer walks off you can see a market in the distance.

Cuts to the marketplace, seeing stalls and healthy food sourced locally - kids happily picking out food and seeds ready to plant their own veg.

Ends on a shot like this one with the credits fading in/out with appropriate text (lasting approx 10 seconds at the most):"


I altered it slightly after suggestions from Cara, to try and cut down my animation load slightly and make it flow better. Now I'm happier with the idea, I will find some facts to be contained in this animation and pass it on to be storyboarded!

To gather all of my inspiration into one place, whether it's images or videos, I decided creating a Pinterest account would be an easy way to fuel and reference from things that inspire me.

My Pinterest Page
So far it has proven to be useful to my investigation into this project, since instead of searching for every piece or searching through my blog or desktop folders for them the images are all displayed in one place.

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