Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Studio Brief 2 - Collaboration

Now that we have analysed a brief and put together pitch boards individually, we have the opportunity to collaborate with anyone from the animation, illustration or graphic design classes.

For this task me and a fellow classmate from my animation class decided we wanted to work together. I have known them for a while now and we have discussed what we would do if we had the chance to collaborate. Since she prefers to generate ideas and designs and I prefer the practical animating side of the process, we thought it wise to join up; especially since this is my first time collaborating on a full project with anyone, I feel comfortable working with someone I trust and I'm confident that we will both put our best efforts into this project.

The first session will involve analysing 3 briefs of your choice, just the same as the individual practice; by the end of the session we should have chosen a brief and written a contract as an agreement of roles within the project, to avoid conflict later. Me and my partner agreed we'd choose different briefs, so we have more to analyse and discuss. Here are the 3 I have chosen:


[breif here]

This looks to be an interesting brief; with the theme of 'Rule Britannia' I believe there is a lot of potential to either go with a traditionally British themed piece of work or put our own spin on the theme. It is the only brief on D&AD that bluntly mentions you can use animation, which appeals to me as an animator. The brief is very specific with it's target audience and what Vice wants included in the ident, which should make it easier to break down and research appropriately.


[breif here]

This brief is giving entries the chance to have their work exposed to the world in their new campaign. It wants to have a wide target audience and use technology to inspire and help girls to have an education, which sounds like a very good cause. It will give us the chance to create a variety of products to complete a campaign such as posters, logos and even animation, which could be a good opportunity for both of us to extent our practice and try different things.


[breif here]

The main reason I picked this brief over the others from the YCN competition was because it seems to have the most creative freedom in terms of characters and advertising. I wanted to compare the detail into the creative challenge with the briefs from D&AD, which I think will give me a better understanding about what contents a good brief has. I thought it could be a good opportunity to explore character design and animation in a different style then what I'm used to.

I will take these briefs into the lesson tomorrow and discuss these and the briefs my collaborative partner chooses to hopefully come to a decision that will make us both happy.

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