Tuesday, 10 February 2015

More Inspiration

In this module we have the opportunity to use any technique we want, whether it's one or a mixture, or working on several projects at once, it seems to be a good time to practice something I haven't done before/in a while.

This is why I would like to be a part of at least one stop motion film; it's a technique I have always been interested in and I would like to see if it's a potential technique to carry on with in the future. I've had some experience with it before on my previous art course at college, but I'm interested in applying those skills and developing on them further.

I found a series of animations in various styles that describe food (or a style of documentary) in different ways:

Nice style of animation, it could be used in a motion graphic - style informative documentary talking about various foods, locations or pretty much anything.

Creating a recipe, could do it for those in Leeds who collect "waste" food as an intro to what they do?

Creating a recipe out of ordinary, mundane objects could represent the "wasting of food" idea further, suggesting you can use anything to create food so we shouldn't be wasteful...

Nice style and explains the product well. Using a hybrid of a number of techniques could be interesting to experiment with, since it would give me the chance to explore all of them at once and compare them to a better extent, since using them for the same tasks could show me the powers and limitations of each software/technique.

Documentary using stop motion, nice concept of conducting interviews then putting their personality into an animal. I could do something similar to this as a documentary of how certain foods are made or what processes are used.

All of these ideas sound interesting to me, so I will have to narrow it down and work out the pros and cons for each (and see what everyone else in the class is doing!)

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