Saturday, 17 January 2015

Animation and Live-Action Combined

The development of technology within the past 20 years has allowed filmmakers and animators to extend their skills in a variety of ways.

Despite the lack of technology in the 80's, filmmakers and animators came together to create the film 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit?' using robotic contraptions to move the props as the cartoon characters would, training the live action actors to be able to focus on certain points and react at the right times, and having skilled animators such as Richard Williams to work over the top of the film footage.

An example of the actor interacting with the cartoon

It was a big risk to take well known cartoon characters and adapt them to a live action environment, which ultimately worked out as successfully as the creators had hoped.

The technology that is used today by companies such as Double Negative would be able to achieve a similar look to this film, except it would be slightly cheaper to run and the characters could look more detailed. However in a way, it was more impressive that the filmmakers in the 80's to create a film this advanced for its time, due to their lack of modern technology, so they had to improvise and use tricks to merge both mediums.

After saying this, pretty much any idea can be brought to the screen now with the use of CGI, so there is a lot more potential in the future of film to apply those special effects and animated characters to anything.

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