Sunday, 11 January 2015

It's All Coming Together...

I've started animating on my second scene for my film 'When will my life begin?'!

I took 'test 2' as a trial run as a way for me to get used to moving Moom. I will make the first sweep arm movement start earlier so that Moom isn't standing still for too long, and the head/body will twist around more as the arm moves.

After evaluating what I did on the test above, I decided to start again and try to extend my movement further so it flows more naturally. I am a lot happier with the second trial I did because I added in a more natural twist in the upper body and foot as he turns around to sweep next to him. The left arm also swings behind him as he moves forward with the broom to try and emphasise that movement.

In my first scene I have now added head movements:

I think this looks better than my previous tests because it gives him more life, despite him being tired.

Now I will start rendering these scenes to watch them in high quality.

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