Monday, 26 January 2015

Qwertee - From Page to Photoshop

After deciding to develop my initial Stitch design, I had to transfer my drawing from my moleskine to Photoshop, so I can make the appropriate changes to turn it into a design.

Firstly I removed the line running down the centre and made the background the same colour, changing the contrast and levels to make the black and white clear and thicker. After this it was time to adjust it slightly so it could work on a T-shirt; I didn't change any of the lines but I thought adding a circle around the waves would give it the impression that he surfed through the circle. I think this addition makes my design look more interesting and completes it, since in the original I let it run to the edge of the page.

Original drawing
Final design
Now that I have my final layout, I can make the background transparent and add colour to it!

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