Sunday, 11 January 2015

Pink Panther

One interesting character that has been re-made over the years is Inspector Clouseau from the film series Pink Panther.

He is supposedly a helpful hand to the police, but his thriving confidence and clumsiness result in a series of blunders that distract and help the criminals to escape sooner than they could have. However despite these mishaps, he still manages to solve the case - eventually.

With every re make, animated or otherwise, he has been accessorised with a hat, moustache and suit, all of which assist with the portrayal of a man who is very confident with his work and his looks. This being said, it is his actions that speak loudest; his upright stance suggesting authority among everyone else, the way he handles artefacts shows how oblivious he can be sometimes, even his accent makes him sound slightly arrogant.

However it is these traits that make him an interesting character and enjoyable to watch, the audience asks themselves how can such a man become an inspector? And a good one at that.

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