Saturday, 10 January 2015

Toy Story

The first ever feature length fully computer generated film, and still one of the best creations from Pixar, is Toy Story.

The narrative describes the life of a child's toys, and how they come to life as soon as he leaves the room.

Two main characters rival each other for most of the feature, until they realise they work better together, to re unite them with their owner after they both get lost.

The first of these two is Woody; he has been with the child since he was young and is the leader of the other toys Andy owns.

Woody is a sherif cowboy, which is made obvious by his outfit and attitude. Certain qualities such as his elbows and knees help viewers to understand that he is a toy; the textures on his face and hat also assist in portraying this.

He is a likeable character, and Andy's favourite toy, but once Buzz Lightyear is introduced he starts becoming jealous and his actions become irrational as the jealousy grows. For him to still be a likeable character, the writers of the story phrased his words so that the audience would think Woody is just making mistakes rather than being mean to Buzz. These qualities and the fact he cares about Andy all come together to make him an appealing character.

The other main persona is Buzz Lightyear; he is a birthday present for the child who is introduced into the film within the first half an hour. He is courageous, well-mannered and believes he is a real astronaut.

For the first half of his screen time, he holds himself upright, is alert and very aware of his surroundings, and talks of other planets and his mission as a space ranger.

Towards the end of the film he realises he is not a space ranger, but a toy. His body language and speech immediately change after this; He becomes more relatable to the audience as he shows his feelings of despair (at first).

Both of these characters are from different worlds; cowboys and astronauts are the opposites of each other, so it has been interesting to see how they interact with one another.

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