Saturday, 10 January 2015

Title Sequence

To complete my film, I will need a title sequence and credits to go at the start and end of the film. The first task I did to start this was decide a font to use. I looked at what fonts are available on Photoshop and selected 9 of my favourites:

Once I had typed them all out into one list, I could envision the sequences more clearly, and decided I wanted to use the 8th font. It has a friendly, curvy look while still bold and readable.

In my original storyboard I described having an orange background to represent the time of day - sunrise - but since having a discussion with my tutor about the background and object colours I could use, I decided to keep the background white, to fit with the rest of my animation.

I also recently decided that I want a picture of my character to feature in the title sequence. I thought this would add some humour and show that the rig has more than one facial feature.

Here are the final 2 sequences I created on Photoshop:

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