Sunday, 13 October 2013

Photoshop Induction - Frame by Frame

Earlier today, I took part in a workshop involving making animations using Photoshop... 
Using a Wacom drawing tablet (such a fun tool to use!) we were given the tasks of creating a bouncing ball, a pendulum, and just experimenting with Photoshop to see what we could produce! I took up the challenge, and started out first thing in the morning with these animated Gifs:

Bouncing Ball:

This is developing further from my flipbooks, instead of flipping the pages I drew each frame and put them together like this (above)!
I was still getting used to drawing with the tablet on Photoshop, so the ball is see-through, however I still think I captured the arc of the bounce well, and even tried to draw a smiley face on it!


This was the first pendulum I had animated, by drawing the first then duplicating the same image and rotating it on the same spot... Easy enough to understand once you get the hang of it, and try it!
With this particular Gif, I would add more frames in to the height of the arc, to make it clear that it's moving slow, then fast.

Pendulum 2:

This pendulum has a smoother motion of the arc, so it's clearer for viewers what's happening.. At least I think it is!
I prefer this one to the first I drew, as it feels/looks more like a sketch rather then hard lines, which I think is more visually pleasing! However it's harder to get the right shape.

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