Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Photoshop Induction - Combining Photos!

I, as an animator, want to explore all the different techniques that are available within this subject, so the Photoshop induction our class had was very useful for me.
After being shown the ropes by one of the computer technicians, Steven, we were given the task of creating our own image, either using templates he'd provided or finding whatever we want on the internet! I decided to try a Wacom drawing tablet, because I'd never used one before and it looked fun! This is the masterpiece that came out of it:

I decided to use the templates, just so I could get used to Photoshop rather then running wild and beyond help!
I started by adding a layer to add some balloons in the forefront of the beach, I did this by going to file, then place, to select an image, which I could erase and move around as I please. I could also duplicate the image by selecting the area I wanted with the lasso tool, and using a short cut on the keyboard, could add as many balloons as I liked.
I thought the image looked a bit bear with just balloons and a palm tree... So I placed another photo onto a different layer to create my own island! I used the same technique as the balloons, and erased the parts of the image I didn't want. To make the house look lived in I used the paintbrush tool to draw smoke emitting from the chimney (which I also drew on).
After this, I wanted some people to be sunbathing on the beach! So I placed a photo of deck chairs (originally two!) and duplicated them.
To add the finishing touch to my photo, I used the paintbrush to draw the sun, which I thought would show the source of light; Looking at it now I would make the sun smaller, just to make it more realistic! But that might not have made a difference with those sunglasses... I drew them to test how steady my hand is, being new to the Wacom Bamboo drawing tablet!
However adding the sun meant I had to remove the light on the balloons, because if I had kept it the light would have been coming from a different direction. So I used the paintbrush tool again to colour in the light patches. (to get the same colour as the original image, you just have to use a colour filter which allows you to select a colour to paint with!)

After this fun session, I feel more knowledgeable about Photoshop... I will apply everything I've learnt to my future projects!

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