Sunday, 6 October 2013

National Media Museum - Moving Stories

My class ventured on the train to Bradford's National Media Museum on Thursday 3rd, to see the new exhibition 'Moving Stories'!
It was great to see all my favourite fairy tales and childhood stories displayed, with descriptions and images to show how people have developed and adapted them.

For example, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland was originally written 110 years ago, by a brilliant man named Charles Lutwidge Dodgson... Although he preferred to be called Lewis Carroll! Since then there have been over 50 adaptations in a variety of books, plays, TV shows and even films!

I discovered while exploring the exhibit that Disney were the first company to plan their ideas of a film into a storyboard! This idea caught on, as it allowed the makers to see each frame bundled together, with descriptions and annotations to describe what will happen in the story.. An example of what they did is in the photo top right, with descriptions of Peter Pan and Captain Hook's positions in the scene.

But it didn't just show the old movies; It included a section to say that over 250 people worked on the recent film Coraline!

Overall, I really enjoyed interacting with this exhibition, and learnt lots from it about my favourite films, definitely worth going!

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