Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Flippin' Eck!

The second task for this module was to create 3 flip book animations. To get me started I'm just going to draw a ball bouncing for these three:

I think the first one I made was a good attempt, since I've never made a bouncy ball in this format before! I applied the same technique I use on layout paper, except in a book... Which is more difficult then I expected it to be! I think overall I got the squash and stretch right, except the ending is slightly too fast for my liking. I didn't notice that as much when I was making it as I do now after it being scanned in... Apart from that I think it works fairly well.

I wanted to use colours to emphasise when the ball hits the ground, and the change in colour hopefully makes it nicer and more interesting to watch for the viewer! I think my arcs are nice, and at the right speed to look realistic; however I wish I had lessened the hight more with every bounce, as I feel even at the end of this sequence, the ball still bounces too high.

This one is my favourite out of the three I made, because I was playing around with the squash and stretch technique, which gives the ball a life of it's own! I think the arc is good, and you can still see part of the shape of the eclipse as the ball squashes on the ground (because I make a pear kind of shape!) so that the action runs smoother.

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