Sunday, 13 October 2013

Photoshop Induction - Frame by Frame Part 2!

Bouncing on Spot:

My aim was to emphasize the movement of the ball, by 'squashing and stretching' it... It turned out fairly successfully!
My only problem with it is the ending, it bobs about on the spot too much for my liking! Apart from that, I think I made a good, continuous motion, where it gradually jumps lower and lower.

Bouncing Ball:

I drew out each position frame by frame... Just like I did previously with some flip books I made!
My aim was to emphasise the speed of the ball by applying 'squash and stretch' to exaggerate the impact of the ball hitting the ground/flying through the air.
I thought it would be more interesting to add colour to the ball, flashing as it hits the ground each time.
I believe I successfully captured the arc in which the ball flies, and really exaggerated the shapes.


I practiced drawing the motion of the pendulum, but thought it would be more interesting to see a foot kicking a ball!
If I could improve it I would make the motion of the leg faster in the middle, or add more frames to the first part, just to emphasize the speed of him!
I like how the ball is a slightly different shape in each picture, causing the moving image to wobble a bit - it's been given a bit more life...

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