Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Dot, The World's Smallest Animation - Aardman

The World's Smallest Animation... Using a Nokia phone camera and a scientific microscope to create a miniature world for a 9mm tall girl named Dot:

They use the basic Stop Motion animation technique, one of the processes I will be learning about during my time at uni! I won't be working with materials this small for a long while, but I will be using the same concept into making a Stop Motion film. With this in mind, I could still use ordinary objects to feature in any animation that I make, just like Aardman have in this film.
I really like this piece, since the storyline is simple, and the way it's made is fascinating. I also think it's suitable for a wide range of audiences, children, parents, and aspiring animators mainly!

Aardman also feature in a video describing and showing us Youtubers how they handled such small materials to create this stop motion piece:

They were asked to "celebrate" the technology that goes into the Cellscope technology, so this was the perfect way to do it!

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