Monday, 28 October 2013

My Pixilation, Development of my Ideas

This is my attempt at a pixilation... I've not used this technique for over a year so I was looking forward to trying it again!
First things first, brainstorm an idea.
On our brief, it said we were allowed to explore one relationship out of these:
  • Predator - Prey
  • Host - Parasite
  • Parent - Child
To start off the mind map seemed to be the best way to jot down my initial thoughts... 

After this I could see my ideas more clearly, and decide which would be the most fun and interesting to film/watch! 

So I looked over this page, again and again, and decided the time was right to create a storyboard:

I only made this initially in the classroom, to get my ideas down. However the proper ideas developed whilst in my bedroom, as that's where I decided this story should take place. So I used this storyboard as a basis, set up my camera and just went with the flow of things! I kept the concept just about the same, except I added more items into the story...

So now that's all done, I feel ready to make the actual film!

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