Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Development of my Storyboard

These thumbnails follow on from my previous postit notes... I finally drafted out what's going to happen to Humpty Dumpty in my nursery rhyme! Under each box I wrote a brief description of what I intend to happen in each scene; and the camera angles it will be shot at. 
I tried to use arrows, speech marks, or some indication of how I want the characters to act - just to give the audience and the person animating it an idea of how I want it to look!

It looks a little boring just in pencil... So I decided to colour it:

Adding splashes of colour to the thumbnails I think brings it to life, and gives the audience a vague idea of what visuals I want to use.
I took this to the session with my fellow animators on Monday 7th October to see what they think of it so far;
Overall they liked what I've made so far; the fact that the character is an ordinary man rather then the traditional egg, plays with the irony of the story. And they saw that I put a lot of thought into the position of the camera, which makes it "interesting and pretty"!
However, as an improvement, someone suggested in frame 2, I add a sound effect for the bird which is flying over Humpty in the third frame, to give him a solid reason for getting distracted.

I will take on board what they said and try to make this storyboard better!

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