Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Qwertee - My Designs So Far

After posting both designs up a week ago, they are still up for voting. So far neither have been doing as well as my first two designs, they have both only been available in the 'New Designs (All)' section compared to the first two being in the 'selected' section of the voting pages.

As dynamic as the painted effect looks, maybe both designs were un original and a bit too messy compared to my inspirations. Saying this, I thought they might do slightly better with votes since they are both inspired by popular film/book series, particularly the Harry Potter logo since that is still celebrated by many today even though it finished years ago.

I think the first two designs did better because they are from a popular TV show and film respectively, and I created them in an original way with a variety of colours, which could have appealed to Qwertee users since the designs are so different from the usually popular ones.

Saying this, my most recent designs are still up for voting for at least another week, so they could do better by then.

My designs still on the website
My designs that are finished voting

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