Saturday, 11 April 2015

Qwertee - Mockingjay Colours and Brushes

In order to attain the effect of a paint splatter, I decided to download some free brushes available on; I found the site easy to navigate and the variety of brushes you can get is amazing. I was told about this site through a couple of tutorials I found, explaining how to download brushes and use the splatter tool.

Once I had downloaded the brushes, I decided to make a couple of pages on Photoshop, one of the colours I used and one of some interesting brushes I had found but never used before. Having these pages as reference made the production a lot easier, since I could just grab one of the colours or use the screenshots of brushes to find the texture I wanted.

With my last two designs I had to remember how many colours I had used and try to keep track of everything I was doing, so this technique made everything less complicated so I could focus on developing a decent piece of work.

Despite the cool look the paint texture has, the brush sizes turned out to be very big, going off the edges of my canvas. This turned out to be a slight problem since I had to erase the edges of the splat while still keeping the shape of the splats looking realistic.

The 6 colours I used
Some of the brushes and the new ones I downloaded

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