Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Qwertee - Mockup of the Hogwarts Logo

After changing my design slightly and retrying it on a T shirt, I was happy with the look. So I duplicated the tee to put on a black and white shirt and tried several different arrangements.

We can add in our own background too, so the logical background to use would be my own design, so that viewers can see it up close. This being said, I found it difficult to decide which composition looked the most interesting; there isn't much difference between these but I wanted each piece to fit nicely in the frame, so you can clearly see the design on the shirt and the logo in the background isn't too overlooked.

I decided on my final composition because you can see both shirts clearly and the logo is centred between the black shirt and the edge of the frame. I would have liked to fit more of the large design in the background on the frame but it was more important to show the tees clearly.

Now it's time to submit my design to the competition, hopefully it'll be up for voting within the next 48 hours!

My final mockup

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