Monday, 13 April 2015

Qwertee - The Hogwarts Logo

Drawing the base of the shield proved to be a difficult start to my design; getting the lines smooth and consistent in size, whilst keeping it symmetrical is a challenge. However using the original design as reference and spending a lot of time on it eventually produced this result:

I had a similar issue with drawing the 'H' in the centre of the piece, the lines in the original are very calligraphic and I wanted to keep the aesthetic of it, so I copied it as best as I could. I like the white lines running through it, I think they add a shininess to it which brings the piece to life.

Once I had done this base, I could start adding colour to it; I wanted to add the painted effect to it to create a sense of originality to an iconic design, and I enjoyed experimenting with the brushes on my last design. I wanted to keep each colour in their own corners, but to keep the paint looking more realistic at the same time, so I was only strict with the colouring within the shield. I think the slightly overlapping colours make a nice effect that brings them together to look more authentic.

Once I had put all four colours on, I started to erase the edges of the paint so that they wouldn't cut off at the end of the canvas, hopefully making the design look less square on the T shirt. I think it looks good so far, but adding detail to the shield and tidying up the coloured splats will make it look better.

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