Monday, 20 April 2015

Bingomation - The Second Half of the Animation (81)

In order to get this animation to loop, for the second half of the piece I started animating backwards, so that it would be accurate. This technique worked for me since I was more confident with the positioning of the character each time.

Animating the character walking into the frame was also relatively simple; I can get away with them taking only one step and then turning on the spot, which moves fairly quickly anyway so I am happy with this part of the animation.

Seeing both elements together shows me how well it loops; I ended up making the first part faster as the character runs off, since this looks more natural then my previous test. The colours I have used so far make the shoes stand out, I'm not sure if I like what I have used so far, but the colour scheme is quite limited, so the skin colour will be difficult to get accurate, unless I change the colour of the background; despite this the authentic sketchiness and patches of colour could also work as a final piece. Apart from this, the physical animation looks good, I have learnt a lot about how perspective works and will incorporate this into my future works.

The final piece
Since I have until the 11th May to complete this, I would like to spend more time establishing the colours and double checking the perspective is right based on feedback when I show my classmates.

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