Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Propercorn - Shots 3 & 5

This was probably the most complicated scene to put together, since it contains 3 elements that I animated separately. I originally made a test for the carts that I animated with After Effects a while ago, but the files that I had animated the carts in were lost as we got closer to the deadline, so Cara animated the final carts in the end.

The final composition consists of 3 elements; the carts, character and sieve. Though the character is a good design and seems fairly simple, I found it difficult to replicate. This was problematic in this scene, since we originally wanted two characters on the podium and for them to move more naturally, but due to the time limit I settled for this performance. If I had practiced drawing it previously then I would have had more experience with him and found it slightly easier to draw, but that was my mistake.
The sieve was fairly simple, since I had just completed the shot previous to this involving the sieve I could use that as reference to get the right shape and speed of the machine.

I used the same Photoshop file to animate the 5th shot, since it uses the same elements except with added salt. This was relatively easy to complete, doing it frame by frame and making sure the dots are big enough to notice, but not too dark was an easy task compared to the rest of the sequence.

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