Thursday, 26 March 2015

Time Management...

After some debate, I have decided to focus on animating the music video rather than complete my final idea involving supermarket food.

Taking on a big project like this is a big responsibility, so I would need help to complete it. The assistance I have had with it so far has been useful but no one in my class has enough time to work on my project as well as their own, so I would have to carry on with this on my own. After receiving a schedule from my companion on the music video project, I have realised how much time it will take to complete that video and my own. I want to put my best effort into every project I do, so I believe just focusing on one will be better for my stress levels and quality of work. Stop motion is also something that I have wanted to try again for a while so having the chance to focus on it for a big project will be an amazing opportunity for my showreel and experience.

Despite this, I will still develop on my supermarket idea further, allowing Cara to contribute a refined storyboard if she wishes, as well as more character's from Anna, which I can hopefully test in a few second clips later on. Hopefully I can see my idea portrayed through these tests, to see if it would have worked out and if so I can do more towards it later on when I have more time!

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