Sunday, 9 February 2014


ChildLine is a confidential service, providing aid and comfort to children under the age of 19 in privacy. They say no problem is too big or too small, and encourage children to share their worries with a ChildLine counsellor over the phone, online or via Email.

Working with the NSPCC, they established this UK based charity because they wanted children to be able to confide in someone about their problems. Unfortunately due to lack of funding, they don't have enough counsellors working with them, so only half of the calls get answered.

This is an example of an NSPCC advert:

All their adverts have an element of sympathy in them - which is understandable because they're showing how scared children can be, and I think any audience would feel empathetic towards the victim.
Heres an animated example of one of their adverts:

I like how they don't just cover situations of immediate danger, because they handle bullying and problems within the home too.
The colours are very dark and grim to start with, to show a big cloud of worry and self loathing is taking over this child's life... Then when she talks on the phone, the chord leads to a yellow ball of light - which could represent the hope and reassurance ChildLine provide. Once she started talking about ChildLine the colours are bright, which represents a generally better outlook on life.

I think going with the ChildLine campaign would be better, since animation is generally more appealing to children, so an advert aimed at them might affect them more.

ChildLine tackles a lot more issues then I initially thought, so this gives me a broad range of subjects that I could base my advert on. I'm going to see what the most common problem is shown in their adverts and films, and develop my ideas from there.

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