Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Matt Jones' Blog

One of the main inspirations for my work is Matt Jones; I found his blog in my first year of study, but his life drawings are works of art in themselves.

One particular post, 'Drawing with Force', displays some of his life drawing sketches. He doesn't have any descriptions next to them, but it's easy to tell that he is skilled at drawing basic poses. A guest speaker that inspired him to draw these was Mike Mattesi, the same man who created the book 'Force: Dynamic Life Drawing For Animators'.

A screenshot of Matt Jones' Blog
Some examples of his work are below; using black to sketch them and then going over them in red marker pens really makes the poses stand out - they look rough but accurate, which suggests he drew them quickly. The line of action in each is clearly arced and dynamic, and it's obvious where the weight is shifted on each pose based on the way the character leans. Despite there not being a definite floor to make it obvious as to where the weight is, you can still tell based on the shape of the figure what they are doing.

After looking at his work, it has inspired me to practice drawing using different materials, such as pens, ink, and graphite pencils. A link to his blog is here:


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