Monday, 1 February 2016

Emailing Dance Schools

In the end I decided I'd send an email with a brief description of what I want to get out if this project first, and then if no one responded within the week I'll start calling the dance schools.

I sent the email last night to 'the Northern Contemporary Dance School', 'Phoenix Dance Theatre' and 'the Dance Studio Leeds', and have so far received a response from the Dance Studio! It basically says that if I create a poster and send this to her, then she will display it on the noticeboards around the school and online.

It will be a good idea for me to complete this task and send her a poster, since having the information displayed with my contact details should hopefully gain more interest from the students, which is more likely to gain me some contacts. My new task for today is to complete this poster ready to send back to Katie Geddes by tonight/tomorrow morning.

My Email

An email from the Dance Studio Leeds

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