Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Aerial Dancing

I got a response from the advertising of my project; an email from a dancer based in Bristol who particularly admires the short films 'Thought of You' and 'Duet' that I included as inspirations in my description. She told me that a particular skill of hers is aerial dancing, with silk or with a hoop, which could be an option for me to animate.

I had never considered this type of dance as an option for my film, but now that it has been brought to light and after seeing examples of the positions and movements that can be achieved, I believe it is a beautiful art form.

Since Gemma has shown interest in my project, I will definitely consider this as a type of dance that I can animate - I'll see if she can send me any evidence of dance she has done so far and see if she is a person I can collaborate with.

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