Saturday, 18 January 2014


I love the quirky, lively feel that all the 70's hit TV show Roobarb and Custard episodes have:

Every frame was hand drawn by Bob Godfrey's team, which explains why the pictures move slightly as it plays through.
It's noticeable that some of the frames have been looped, to make the sequence longer; this is a useful technique so you don't have to draw the images over and over again. Despite this, I think using this technique too much could make the animation look simplistic... But it's is good for it's time!
I also like this style for the simplistic colours, and how they aren't completely blocked in; giving it an old fashioned feel.

I think drawing is a good technique for beginners to use and study since it doesn't matter how perfect the images are, as long as they move fluently.

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