Friday, 15 May 2015

My Time With The Applied Animation Module...

After 4 months, we have come to the end of this project; It has been an interesting experience with a lot of highs and lows. The lows mainly being the stress that came towards the end to try and get the final piece finished, which unfortunately took its toll on us all eventually.

It was good to be able to see how 2D and stop motion would merge, and a lot easier for me not to have to animate the faces as well as the bodies. I think because of the use of both mediums, we can use the animatic as a way to explain the performance without completely finishing the animation (since David's animatic has enough movement in it so it isn't boring), so the film still makes sense either way. This took some pressure off us to realise this, but it is still a shame we couldn't completely finish the sequence in the time period we have.

Apart from this I think we have all done well; having the stop motion and 2D animation in production at the same time made it easier to get more of the film done. I'm glad that the faces sit well on the characters - though they are very exaggerated, this makes the animation more interesting to watch.

I think at times towards the end of the project the communication wasn't that good; particularly whilst putting together the title sequence and credits since the fonts don't match, but overall we still managed to do well.

I was initially excited to carry out my first idea with the process of how supermarket's import meat, but ultimately I wanted to improve my skills as an animator so thought it better to focus on that instead. This is why I'm glad I dropped my first project - the classmates whom I had initially asked to help me with it didn't have much time to lend me a hand, so I would have had even more to do on my own.

Despite this I still didn't manage to finish the stop motion sequence for the music video; I did have a plan of action but fell ill in the last week so couldn't get as much done as I would have liked, which I am gutted about. However I still think the final piece looks good and is enjoyable to watch.

The parts that I have done for this final piece (as illustrated in my blog) are: the stop motion parts and the text in the introduction.

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