Saturday, 10 October 2015

OUAN603 - Extended Practice

The final major project of the year is Extended Practice; worth 60 credits, it will be crucial to keep on top of the workload to do well in this project.

Unfortunately I missed the briefing, however the information is available online to see. After reading through it, it's clear that we have the opportunity to produce pretty much whatever we want, as long as it's discussed with the tutors beforehand and as the project develops.

I have two months to write and submit the rationale, which will outline my idea(s) and allow me to get confirmation on how doable my project is.

The statement of intent is the next major stage of the project, which will be a finalised version of the rationale to confirm who I will be collaborating with and how my animation will play out.

After this there will be space for me to get on with researching for and developing my animation, this will be where I continue testing different aspects of the film so that I can have an informed decision when choosing my style etc.

Along side the practical work, I should be documenting my progress, as well as research, onto this blog so that I can reflect on my progress and evaluate my reasoning for all aspects of the film.

The set up of the module will give me the opportunity to work on a major project and hopefully produce a decent animation, I'm looking forward to it!

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