Thursday, 14 May 2015

Editing the Title Sequence...

After receiving feedback from David and Grace, we decided that changing the font would look better. After looking through the fonts available on Premiere again, I tested out a few over one of the characters (highlighting the word 'Manny'):

Fonts on Premiere

The Final Font
I am happy with the final font I chose; I think it looks a lot more professional then my previous choice, yet still quite bold. Despite this choice the white font doesn't stand out on the floor, which is only an issue with this character's shot, but it is still readable.

Another piece of feedback I got was that the text should be changed on the front of the curtain from "Introducing..." to "LCA Presents" or "Eating Healthy with Hi-Vit" (the film title) or something along those lines. My main issue with using the suggested line is that it isn't the Leeds College of Art who is presenting it, but rather the three of us who worked on it; and people might not understand the abbreviation of "LCA", especially children at whom this animation is aimed at.

Despite 'presents' sounding more professional than 'introducing', we would have to come up with a group name or simple way to introduce the show without leaving too much text to read. Using the song title could be a good idea but it will ruin the surprise of the band being behind the curtains. Either way I tried a few variations of text to go on the curtains:

Ultimately I still feel that using "Introducing" makes the most sense for this film, because it's introducing the stage with the band name on the back wall, as well as the characters, and my teammates reasoning for the other phrases are unexplained.

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