Wednesday, 13 May 2015

RSA Animates... Documentary

This is a documentary style animation; since it's not necessarily factual but rather stating theories, but it's still portraying information in a time-lapse style. The hand drawing the images and text is keeping up with the narration, so the audience clearly knows what is being said and can see what the explanations mean with small diagrams.

In this particular animation, the narrator seems to waffle on about the theory of motivation, which is interesting to listen to but it runs for a bit too long. This way of portraying theories is the type of thing that is meant to make the audience think about what they have listened to more to build up their own theories on the subject; it would be a very good way to portray factual information as well since the pixilated hand could draw clear diagrams, charts and percentages in this efficient manner, whether it'd be interesting enough to watch or not is another matter.

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