Saturday, 9 May 2015

The Final Crit

Since I wasn't there to present the developed animation yesterday (due to illness) I left it to David and Grace to get feedback from it.

We took on board some of the feedback we received previously; in the last couple of clips I started to move the stalks on the character's heads for example, which make the drummer more lively. Watching this shows me how well the animation's coming on; it's a shame that we don't have a lot of the animation to show so far but I'm hoping we'll be able to get a lot done this week. The animatic flows well and the animation fits in nicely to the right places.

Overall the comments sounded good based on a discussion I had with Grace and David; the main points were about summarising the facts we include in the animation so that they are easy to read and understand within the 5 seconds we have left for it, which we will discuss as a group when we are all back in uni.
Suggestions of sound effects such as a crowd screaming and the drummer's sticks when they are hit together were made, which I agree with and think it would bring the animation to life and make it feel slightly more realistic.
Since the first couple of audio tracks we had didn't work as well with the upbeat theme of the song, we decided to ask one of our classmates if she would sing for our video instead. Rebecca Wong's version of the song sounds nice and in tune, but the timing is slightly off. There are ways we can fix this though, if we re arrange some of the clips or loop them then we can make it work.
The lighting is still a problem to most people, we'll either have to find a way to make it feasible to keep or edit it out (which could potentially take too long) but we'll see what we can do.

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