Wednesday, 13 May 2015

60 Second Adventures in Economics

I found a series of short animations describing economics in an interesting way; these animations are narrated by David Mitchell, who explains a few dilemas the government have with taxing or where and when to spend money. It's an advertisement for the Open University to encourage people to study economics, so there has to be an entertainment factor to these short films.

The animation is stylised and simple black lines on cream background, so it doesn't take too much attention away from the narration, but assists in explaining what is being said. I think this is the right balance of imagery and information, because it's still entertaining despite it not being beautifully rendered or with realistic designs. The information is portrayed quite fast which could be hard to keep up with, but the animation does make it easier to understand; I think animation is the best way to portray information quickly, compared to a live action sequence for example, since I don't think a live action film would be able to flow so quickly.

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