Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Thought of You - Ryan Woodward

One of my fellow classmates showed our class this animation as part of another module:

It very much involves life drawing, and it's obvious in this film that Woodward did lots of life drawing and gathered references prior to making this, since the body shapes, proportions and movements seem so accurate.
The actual movements are very exaggerated and extending to their peak, which creates more dynamic and interesting shapes to draw.
I like how this is still only sketches, because it allows viewers to see how the body is actually built up. It's been improvised to exaggerate the movements, with water splashes, extended limbs and even wings! But all those components work well together to create the story.
The colour and texture of the background are very simple, yet it still feels as if the characters are in a 3D space, and the fact it isn't the traditional white makes it softer and easier to watch.
The music compliments the characters and dance routine very well, and even gives the piece a softer feel to it.

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