Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Final Sound Animations

These are the final sounds I produced:

I wanted the squiggle to be quivery and wobble a bit as it moves around, because I think it's a very springy sound that would waver around if it was an object/line.
The straight zig-zag lines at the very start are supposed to represent the jerky start it has, as the line gradually goes rounder as it moves across the page.
I put in small blue lines around the main black line to show the quavering vibrations it has:

I just thought this sound was a very simple splat, with no massive bangs or squirts, so I decided to just have one line with curved squiggles since it's quite a smooth splat.
If you listen closely you can hear a small echo as the splat reaches it's peak, so I added another colour to try and show that:

With the firework, I wanted to try something different, so I thought using one line would allow me to be more creative.
Putting it on a black background I thought would give it the best illusion of it being nighttime.
I could improve the first part by having the line positioned differently and moving in a different direction - because it's not particularly an escalating sound so it might work better if I flip it upside down... Or even start the line in the middle flowing in both directions.
I think the ending works well, because I portrayed the small 'pop' in one simple triangle, with the waves afterwards to show the aftermath.

My egg representation looks "kind of like an egg, but not an egg" as said during the feedback session...
I tried to make the shape slightly bigger as the film progresses, but I don't think many people could tell that's what I was trying to do!
I'm happy with the flicks that I put in to try and combine every background sound I can hear within the sound effect.
The orange lines around the outside feel quite compact and almost steering the circle around...

I feel I could have done better with this piece... I should have made the lines move faster, or made it a bigger frame rate (e.g. 24 FPS instead of 12).
I could also duplicate my line and have it animated from all 4 sides of the screen, because the sound feels as if it's coming from everywhere.
However my choice of brush is good, since it represents that static feeling well.

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