Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Glen Keane - Tangled Concept Art

Glen Keane is a famous Disney animator, best known for designing and animating iconic characters such as Tarzan, Aerial, the Beast, and Pocahontas.

One character I particularly adore the development drawings of is for Rapunzel; I own 'the Art of Tangled' artbook, so I can see plenty of drawings from Glen Keane and Jim Kin. The sketchy style used to draw out this character brings the whole image to life, since it's not perfectly realistic but you can still tell who it's supposed to be, which makes it interesting to see scattered throughout the art book for the film (especially next to the further developed drawings and the final 3D look of the film).

Despite the drawings being very sketchy, her limbs all look the right size in correspondence to each other. I think having this rough style (but slightly neater) to animate with could look nice - the small details such as the hands and feet wouldn't have to look realistic, as long as the audience can tell what they're supposed to be.

I believe having this loose style could allow the movements in my animation to become expressive, which will exaggerate the emotions behind them and hopefully give the film a nice image as well. 

The next stage of my project will be to test out drawing and animating in a similar style to this, as well as trying other potentially compatible ones, to figure out the final visual style of my film.

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