Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Music Update

After receiving three responses from the Leeds College of Music with interest in participating in this project, I narrowed it down to one person, Hugo Hardy, based on the music he sent me:


Initially he sent 5 samples when he first heard about the project, since he was enthusiastic with his ideas. This suggested that he would be keen to work with me and efficient in composing music for me.

Though this connection hasn't been established for long, he has still managed to compose a 2 minute piece for me! There's room for improvement (which he is aware of) but I have decided to give him until the start of June to edit it and make sure it's a piece of work he's happy with, since I only just contacted him a week ago.

I wanted to set a reasonable deadline for him, and to make sure all elements of my film fit together to a high standard, rather than rushing him into creating a piece for me even though it's not his fault.

The music also needs to fit to my animation, so he needs the footage from me in regular updates to so that he can continually edit the audio as I make the animation.

He seems to be professional and passionate about his music, so I have been happy to collaborate with him so far. Sometimes he takes a while to respond to my emails, however I am giving him some leeway for now since he's also a university student with his own work to do.

I'm excited to see where this collaboration goes, and I look forward to hearing the final results next to my animation.

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