Thursday, 28 January 2016

Contacting Dance Schools...

In order to be able to bring my idea to life, I need an expert to choreograph a routine for me to reference from.

I started by researching what schools are located in leeds; I decided that collaborating with a student will be best, since they are learning and developing as well as me (which will hopefully mean they are more willing to volunteer for a variety of tasks), and this collaboration could even help them reach their curriculum. Here's a list of dance schools I could contact and their locations:

The ones that stand out to me the most are The Northern School of Contemporary Dance, Dance Studio Leeds, and Phoenix Dance Theatre.

I then drafted an email to work out what I want to say to the dance schools; initially I wanted to email each school, but I realise I will more likely get a direct answer from them if I call them over the phone instead. This will hopefully get the process moving faster so that I can be ready to fill out the final statement of intent ready for next week.

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